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What Do You Expect From Chivas TV?

We’re two days away from Chivas presenting their streaming platform known as Chivas TV, and aside from some obvious content, we still don’t know what to expect in terms of cost and device compatibility. It’s important to note that while the streaming service will launch in Mexico, viewers in the U.S. will continue to be able to watch Chivas’ home games on Univision until 2018.

A piece from Variety shed some light on some of the content we should expect to see:

“Chivas TV will feature Chivas games as well as pre-game build up, post-game analysis and those of club’s lower-category teams, said Higuera. In the longer term, other sports news will be included.”

Lower category games would be a big draw for me as I’ve always been interested in up-and-coming players within the system. Pre and post game coverage was to be expected.

My wishlist would consist of the following:

No Homer Announcers/Reporters

Now that the club is hiring their own announcers and staff, I’m really interested to see if they opt for hopelessly positive cheerleaders or a more objective group. I prefer the latter.

Sensible Cost

Some of the numbers that have been floated around show that the service would exceed the yearly cost of already established platforms like NFL Sunday Ticket and To me that’s just unacceptable especially when you consider the cost of bigger clubs like Barcelona’s Gamepass of around $50 for the year with some caveats.

Live Matches

This goes without saying but with the Barcelona Gamepass I mentioned above, those subscribers have to wait between 24-72 hours to watch some of their matches. This is likely due to existing television deals but Chivas doesn’t have those so there’s no excuse to not be able to stream live matches. I haven’t heard anything to the contrary so I feel assured matches will be live.

Device Support

Earlier this year I cut the cord and have been without cable or satellite. I kept up with LigaMX using the app and free over-the-air channels like Azteca America and Telemundo. Both of these options don’t require me to hook up an HDMI cable to a computer to mirror my screen so I’m hoping Chivas TV offers some sort of support for Chromecast or — as much as I’d hate to have to go buy another device — at least Apple TV.


I know Chivas isn’t building the platform in-house, and I’ve read rumors of Ooyala being tapped to develop the platorm (Ooyala handles Univision’s video streaming among other big brands) but it’s extremely important that the service be reliable both for its users and its potential sponsors from the start. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, Chivas. Even HBO had to go to MLB Advanced Media to scale their platform.

Channel for Feedback

Aside from just making it work, Chivas needs to be open to feedback to improve its service. Communicating with Chivas has always felt like a one-way street so I’d be willing to bet that social media engagement is of the lowest priority (I’m still salty about them deleting my Chicago songs from their Chicago Spotify playlist) but that needs to change if they don’t want their streaming service to die a slow and painful death due to lack of subscribers.

That’s the kind of stuff I’m looking for, what about you?

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  • AC

    Good read. I expect lots of pixels and buffering lol.

  • I expect failure

  • any chance people in US can use it. Sick and tired of Univision announcers. Put SAP every chance I could in Copa America

  • I just need reliability, period. No i don’t want to watch games 24hrs later or crappy streams. I need it to be reliable.

  • just want to be able to stream it like I have been doing the Euros thru watchespn app or

  • glad we get it a year late in the states cause they get to work the bugs out

  • if it’s a paid subscription I want, vintage games for rewatch, training session, good commentators, 1080p quality/4k

  • ed

    I like potential of seeing reserve teams and Segunda division team game if they archive them but honestly I don’t see

  • ed

    this succeeding in Mexico, the price is too much for many and the Internet network isint as available as in the USA

  • ed

    I like they are getting rebellious against established televisa but I feel potential for failure is too great

  • ed

    is as if it’s blocking out the masses that follows them who don’t have much and watch OTA