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A History of Reebok, Adidas, and Chivas

After a brief period in 2004 when Jorge Vergara took ownership of the club and produced the club’s uniforms under the brand “JV&Co”, Reebok took over the duties for the Apertura 2004 season and did so until the Clausura 2011 season (although Reebok was acquired by adidas in late 2005). Adidas’ patented three stripes dressed the club starting in the Apertura 2011 season and ended abruptly last week:

I say abruptly because the contract was signed through 2017 and pictures have even surfaced of the Chivas product line for the coming season. Although no one knows for sure why they opted to cut ties now, speculation says that Chivas has found a bidder willing to pay up to three times as much as adidas to secure the right to be the club’s official provider, and that the deal was 6 months in the making.

This contradicts any reports that linked the lack of a major TV deal for adidas dropping out along with the fact that Chivas is the highest selling jersey on the continent.

The brand that has made the bid is also a mystery, but the strongest rumor is that German company PUMA is the front-runner. I’m not a fan of any of their designs they’ve made for Mexican clubs but I won’t get my panties in a bunch just yet since it’s just a rumor.

Adidas has been a major part of Chivas’ aesthetic for a combined 16 years so lets reminisce and/or cringe at the jerseys that a lot of us have collected over the years.

2004-2005 – Reebok
Also known as the “Boca is Our Bitch” jersey. Chivas would play a memorable Libertadores but lose in the semifinals with a roster plagued by national team call-ups.

reebok chivas 2004

2006 – Reebok Centennial
The throwback jersey made in the style of the 1906 Club Union jersey was worn during the Milagro del Centenario where Chivas, in comeback fashion, overcame Jaguares de Chiapas in the quarter finals.


2005-2006 – Reebok
With a very young squad, again, plagued by national team call-ups due to the World Cup, Chivas would make almost impossible comebacks in the Clausura 2006 liguilla only to lose in the semifinal against Pachuca in stoppage time.

reebok chivas 2005

2006-2007 – Reebok
An image and a moment I’ll never forget: Bofo Bautista in tears after scoring what would be the winning goal of the Apertura 2006 final. Little did we know almost 10 years would pass without a title after this amazing moment.


2007-2008 – Reebok
Chivas saw back to back semifinals and a Superliderato in this barbershop pole jersey. The away jersey featured a hideous lime green color that would carry over into the following year much to my disgust.

chivas reebok 2007

2008-2009 – Reebok
The infamous kamikaze shirt. This home uniform is without a doubt the worst iteration Reebok subjected us to.


Look at this shit…LOOK AT IT


2008 – Reebok Campeonisimo
One of the greatest achievements, in my opinion, of the Reebok era is the throwbacks they blessed us with. This Campeonisimo throwback is one of my most prized possessions. The club wore it for the first week of the Clausura 2008 season during a tribute to the late Salvador Reyes. The classic stripes, collar, and oversized crest make this my favorite jersey of all time.


2009-2010 – Reebok
This jersey had the horrible bastard crest that Jorge Vergara & Co tried to impose, and it also [sadly] coincided with the meteoric rise of Javier Chicharito Hernandez.


The orange and grey — which is a downright horrible color combination anyway — pajama uniform.


The charity uniform worn only once in an empty stadium against Pumas. I haven’t been able to find any explanation for why they chose a monochromatic scheme aside from wanting it to look as bad as possible.

MEXICO, CITY, MEXICO - SEPTEMBER 27: Chivas Javier Hernandez (L) and Xavier Baez (L) celebrates score goal during their match in the 2009 Opening tournament, the closing stage of the Mexican Football League, at the Olimpyc Stadium on September 27, 2009 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Francisco Estrada/Jam Media/LatinContent/Getty Images)

2010-2011 – Reebok’s Final Season
For its final season, Reebok went with a design that made it look like the players were wearing football jerseys with shoulder pads. The away jersey wasn’t bad except when it featured a baffling decision to have them wear green socks. I know, I know, something about Chivas = Mexico but come on, it just didn’t look nice.


2010 – Reebok Estadio Jalisco 50th Anniversary
During the 2010 Libertadores where Chivas would make a run to the final and say good bye to Estadio Jalisco, someone at Reebok took 10 minutes out of their day and made a jersey commemorating the stadium. It featured the traditional stripes, a watermark line drawing of the stadium in the front’s background and 10 gold stars along the shoulder. And, of course, Vergara’s abortion of a crest.

chivas reebok 2010 liber

2011-2012 – Adidas First Attempt
In May of 2011, adidas officially took over as the club’s apparel provider and started with a safe approach for the home uniform featuring the stripes and red sleeves, and a classy navy blue pinstripe number for the away.

chivas adidas 2011
chivas adidas 2011 away

2012-2013 – Adidas
This jersey was primarily white so it, of course, brought the folks upset that we “look like Necaxa”. It featured a spread white collar and white sleeves. With it came probably the darkest period in Chivas’ history where it began to drop further and further in the relegation table. The only bright spot? Rafael Marquez Lugo.

chivas adidas 2012

Chivas would spend another year down in the dumps with this jersey toward the bottom of the standings although it was very nice. Top 3 home jerseys in my opinion.


2014-2015 – Adidas
Chivas saw a brief return to relevance reaching the semifinals and a CopaMX final unfortunately losing both.

2014 adidas chivas

2015-2016 – Adidas’ Last
In this, Adidas’ final designs for the club, Chivas found its style with Matias Almeyda playing an attractive brand of football. The team won a CopaMX title and made the quarterfinals before losing to the hated ones. If I’m being 100% honest, this hasn’t been one of my favorite designs due to the tire track stripes.


The Twitter account @Datos_Chivas — a must-follow for any Chivas fan — collected some images of adidas’ first designs for the club in the early 90s.

With that, an era in Chivas jerseys has come to an end. For the most part, both adidas and Reebok did a good job respecting the club’s history and traditions (with the occasional outlier here and there). Whichever brand is next needs to put some respek on our name for sure.


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