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Thoughts On Chivas TV Going Forward

At 9:20 yesterday morning, Jose Luis Higuera took the stage at Content Capital — a conference for all things media, digital and otherwise — to present the new streaming platform, Chivas TV, to the masses. The event didn’t start so well…

The site hosting a flash player they were using could not handle the traffic and crashed almost immediately as the talk was about to begin. If you missed the presentation, Chivas was gracious enough to upload it so here it is.

A full breakdown of the cost and some of the new platform’s issues were covered by Tom Marshall over here so I recommend you go read that first.

For starters, the cost is high. Both for those of us here in the states, and especially for those in Mexico of less means. It also doesn’t compare favorably to established sports streaming platforms here in the U.S., both in terms of value and content, so it’s already facing an uphill battle most notably among the Chivas faithful.

There was an incredible amount of negativity toward the new platform and the club for what is seen as essentially the leaving behind of not only an older generation, but a large percentage of the population who is still without internet in Mexico. Typically, the pattern for these types of services is to start the price low and gradually increase as the service quality [hopefully] increases as well. Chivas, on the other hand, is setting a high price point from launch and I don’t anticipate it will get cheaper over time. With that arrogance confidence come higher expectations of the platform that I’m not entirely sure they can meet.

It’s All In The Content

In the talk, Jose Luis Higuera mentions pregame and postgame interviews/build-up as complimentary content to matches. I didn’t hear any mention of the previously discussed lower category matches, or any clue as to what the rest of the content may be. For the amount they’ll be charging, I expect quality content on the level of HBO’s Hard Knocks or TWC Sportsnet’s Backstage: Dodgers considering Higuera boasts about unprecedented access.

Other rumors have talked about radio shows and even one in English, which is surprising, but I won’t get my hopes up just yet.

I would say that the lack of content at launch will dissuade Chivas fans from signing up and make the short-term prospects of the platform bleak, but that’s not the case. I’m almost positive Chivas can count on a sizeable subscription base from the jump if only because it’s the only way to watch Chivas home matches for the foreseeable future. Everything else is secondary and Chivas know that.

Reliability Concerns

You could not have asked for a worse first impression of your new streaming platform promised to deliver your content to millions by crashing the very second your presentation of said platform begins. It’s as if it was written by the guys at HBO’s Silicon Valley.

Growing pains were to be expected, and Higuera stated that they’ve reached this point in just 69 days so it’s unknown how reliable the service will be come launch.

There are so many things we just don’t know.


Here in the U.S., we have 2 years of headway before Univision’s rights expire so we can sit back and relax with our app or your cable/satellite subscription of your choosing.

But, if you’re like me, you have a VPN subscription for…watching BBC programs from the UK?…that’s not important — you’re probably thinking of jumping on a subscription from launch just to say you’re a first adopter, but odds are they validate your payment residence and shut you down if it’s not based in Mexico. We’ll have to wait and see.

I haven’t even broke the news to my dad that Chivas’ home games are only available through a mobile app or secondary device that’s not just their television, plus that you need a subscription on top of that? I introduced my ChivaPops to a tablet about 4 years ago (it was a very cheap HP tablet rooted with Android just in case he spilled beer on it or left it out in the sun, which has happened). He’s just now gotten the hang of the Univision Deportes app to watch games when my mom’s novelas take priority so it’s essential that the Chivas app be easy to use and Chromecast compatible (which I’ve read may be the case, but we just don’t know if it’ll be available from launch).

Final Thoughts

That brings me to my final point: There’s so much we don’t know.

There hasn’t been a comprehensive release from the club with bullet points of what we should expect. Just bits and pieces that have slipped out to this reporter and that reporter, nothing concrete.

They really, truly, honestly, believe we’ll blindly trust that they’ll deliver a worthwhile product. And you know what? I’m right there with them because, simply put, we don’t have a choice.

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