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Chivas Presents Puma Uniforms For 2016-17

After endless mock-ups from fans on Twitter trying to guess at what Puma had in store for us, the home and away uniforms for the 2016-17 were unveiled and, as someone summed it up, they’re “good not great”. Some details kept this from becoming the all time great jersey that Jose Luis Higuera said this would be.

You have to commend Chivas for doing a really good job of keeping any leaks under wraps. None of us got a good look at the new uniform until about 15 minutes before the live stream began on Chivas TV when this image started to make the rounds:


With it, we all caught a full view of the jersey Chivas had been piece-mealing to us on social media the past few weeks. Of course, once the presentation began, more images started to pour in along with some pretty cool looking promotional shots of Javier ‘Chofis’ Lopez.


The Home Jersey

The home shirt features three stripes tapered at the sides in a deep red and vertical stripes in a darker shade to create an interesting texture. Inside the broad white stripes is a perforation down the center that extends from the collar to the hemline. A navy blue mandarin collar and sleeves give the jersey some contrast but also create the appearance of epaulets on the shoulders due to the red panels surrounded by the colors of the Mexican flag giving the shirt a very military but modern look. A little Sky Captain-ish, but good.


The sponsors, Pepsi and Tecate, got the #FriendlySponsors memo and allowed their logos to appear monochromatically on the sleeve and back. Bimbo is no longer a sponsor so the front of the jersey is nice and clean featuring only a couple of reflective strips along the ribs.

Overall, the longer I look at it, the better it looks. Aided by the lack of a sponsor on the front, it’s just a modern jersey with great small details that make it seem less like something Puma threw together in this past month or so (which is most likely what occurred considering the timeline from Chivas’ and adidas’ split to today).

On my wish list for next year is stripes on the sleeves and the back. Yes, I know blue numbers are practically illegible on stripes from a distance but I don’t care, it looks cool. As for the sleeves, I want stripes on them because adidas refused to give us a single jersey with red/white striped sleeves and it pissed me off.

The Away Jersey

Now, before you go all foamy and scream “THAT’S A RIVER PLATE JERSEY RIP-OFF, THE LOVE FOR ALMEYDA IS OUT OF CONTROL” there’s nothing to tie the jersey’s design to Matias Almeyda’s River Plate past. It’s a mere coincidence and also River Plate doesn’t have a patent on diagonal stripes so you can suck it.


The away jersey features a diagonal stripe in navy blue and red. Inside the stripes are the same darker shaded stripes that add depth to the “sash”. A more traditional v-neck along with navy blue piping, Puma logos, and sponsors make for a very simple but elegant jersey.

The shorts and socks for both the home and away uniforms were very off-the-rack basic and didn’t feature anything to make me think they were made especially for the club.


For Puma’s first effort on short notice, they didn’t do a bad job. In the heat of things, it’s easy to get disappointed when they don’t measure up to our expectations but both of these jerseys are pretty good. In the end, whether or not these jerseys are memorable is if the guys who wear them do anything memorable in them. No better place to debut the jersey on Sunday at StubHub Center than by punching a ticket to Copa Libertadores with yours truly present 🙂

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