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Chivas Home and Away Puma Uniforms 2017-2018

After much speculation (like every year) Chivas unveiled Puma’s latest designs for the now champion Club Deportivo Guadalajara. While both home and away have some details that make them unique to Chivas, it’s hard to get past the somewhat generic catalog look.

The Home Jersey

The home jersey features the traditional 5 red stripes with a sublimated huichol pattern on a largely white base. You know how you sometimes you think about whether zebras are white with black stripes or black with white stripes? I know I do. This shirt is undoubtedly a white jersey with red stripes. It also features an elegantly subtle v-neck two-tone collar in navy blue and white.

On the front, the sonic weld raised Puma cat logo appears in navy blue and the crest is a combination of embroidery and heat transfer giving it a nice 3D look. The bright gold star above the crest signifies Chivas’ 12th title (some assembly required — more on that later).

This year will mark the time when a designer at Puma discovered the half tone filter. On the shoulders are Puma’s “formstripe” which is essentially a halftone stripe that runs along the shoulder and peaks just above the navy blue sleeve cuff. The shoulders and sleeves are my least favorite parts of this uniform mostly because of the missed opportunity to finally give the fans the striped sleeves we’ve desired for so long. However, it does have a tiny Mexican flag colored speed flap (best word I could use to describe it lol) peaking out from underneath the sleeve which is pretty cool.

The back of the jersey is striped and you’ll notice the Tecate sponsor is in black as well as the Pepsi sponsor logo on the sleeve. My guess is that somewhere in Puma Mexico’s offices is a style guide that only allows them to make the sponsors white on dark backgrounds and black on light backgrounds, otherwise the decision to not make these navy blue makes little sense.

The Away Jersey

From this day forward, this new black and purple away jersey will be unofficially known as the Nightmare Before Christmas edition.

This jersey features the same huichol artwork from the home version sublimated onto a purple shoulder and sleeve. The logos are in a dark grey giving the whole front of the jersey a very stealth feel.


Both jerseys look nice, right? So what’s the problem?

The problem is both jerseys were manufactured months ago and, because Chivas is wacky and puts each championship on the crest in the form of a star, it was apparently too late or too cost prohibitive, maybe even logistically impossible to recall finished product to include the additional star. Puma’s solution? An iron-on star and some instructions containing legalese that say they’re not responsible if you ruin your $100 jersey by doing something they wouldn’t do.

The more I look into this, the more I’ve learned that this is almost common practice for clubs who add stars to their crest so the solution going forward for us is to simply remove the stars. I fully expect the club to continue to win championships and would like to see at least one jersey roll-out for Puma go well so take away the stars and enlarge the crest a bit to let it shine.

For me, these uniforms get a solid 7.5 only for some of the odd decisions to leave the sleeves white and the weirdly colored sponsor logos.

Not-so-shameless Plug

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