About The Stray Goat

These are the scribblings of a longtime Chivas fan.

Fandom that stretches for over 16 years gives one a kind of perspective and context to the mostly poor decisions being made by an ownership hell-bent on repeating its past mistakes. My disenchantment with the current situation at my beloved Club Deportivo Guadalajara lead to me to create this site. Formerly known as MalSaque.com from 2009-2012, I created The Stray Goat as a platform to express my opinions and document the poor decisions so that future Football Manager players don’t succumb to the same pitfalls.

You won’t see me cheerleading, but you also won’t see me be cynical about every little thing. If you see a constant stream of negativity it’s only because that’s what going on at the time and I don’t like to sugarcoat.

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