Season Preview

Relegation Busters

I’ve grown accustomed to the relegation talk that surrounds Chivas season after season. Like the casual racism older relatives drop at the dinner table during the holidays, you just uncomfortably smile and move past it because deep down you know they’re not monsters. Just like I know deep down, Chivas isn’t an Ascenso MX club. [...]

Not-so-random Thoughts

The Semifinals

I’m no biology expert, but if there’s a remote chance that someone can become a virgin again, I think I’m a playoff virgin. It truly feels like I’m watching these matches without any context as to what I should expect. I was nervous heading into the Clasico match-up against perennial losers Atlas although [...]


I’m Afraid to Write This Post

What a week, right? Here we are, a month away from a Copa MX final and sitting in 4th place after a huge comeback win against Puebla last weekend. It’s hard for me to post something so positive because, with my luck, it’ll inevitably turn to shit very quickly…but I’m gonna do it anyway. I know what some of you are [...]

Postgame Wrap-up

We Can Breath Again

Chivas’ most recent scapegoats gave the club a much needed boost on its way to the young season’s first win. Goals from Marco Fabian and Angel Reyna were enough to secure the 2-1 victory at home in front of a sold out crowd.  With the win, Chivas leaves the quotient cellar but injuries are begin to rear their ugly heads just [...]

Chivas TV

Chivas TV – A Season Later

Uniform Changes

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